rubber stamps by talktothesun

talktothesun is a creative individual by riyo.
talktothesun offers hand crafted rubber stamps, stationery, textiles and craft supplies.

i am a self taught maker living in a little town called yamaguchi in japan. i am the owner, designer, maker, photographer, admin behind talktothesun.


my mother prepared some scraped paper found at the local paper recycle place who were very kind to put some paper aside for us as well as our local childcare center when i was little. we never ran out of paper for drawing and crafts at home for my little brother and i. i never really had a proper fine art education but the joy for drawing and creating something handmade were gradually nurtured through this environment.


my experience as a rubber stamp maker started at glebe market in sydney australia back in 2008, although i was making them as my hobby since i was little. i was reintroduced to carving stamps in the right time. i found a right medium for myself to combine my love of drawing and handmade projects into something further and deeper. it was the time when i decided to take a next step...to make rubber stamps full time after several years of experimenting...it has been not only meditating but also challenging. most of all, i really love making rubber stamps and make my customers happy. it was and it still is one of the biggest commitments i ever made in my life. also, there was a change in my personal life that led me to be self-employed.


doodle on paper, design on paper, carve on high quality rubber blocks with japanese carving knives, stamp each design on the package, package each product, go to post office 3 times a week. every time i make a rubber stamp or any other hand crafted items in my shop, i think as if i am making gifts for my family and friends.


i wish my rubber stamps and my shop will be a source to make a crafty time for you, your family and friends.


1. create hand crafted unique products with stories.
2. create hand carved rubber stamps that my customers can interact with as if they are doodling or painting on canvas with pens and paints.
3. create designs and products that are people friendly / family friendly beyond genders, generations and cultures
4. create hand crafted designs and products with 120% care
5. stay true to myself as a person to keep creating with love